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The AK-47, also known as AR1 (Assault Rifle 1), is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta.[1] It was to be used by the Combine and Conscripts.


In the playable Half-Life 2 Beta, not all the weapons can be spawned with impulse 101. To spawn the AK-47, give weapon_ar1 must be entered. It can fire in semiautomatic mode, three or five-burst mode, or full-auto mode. It uses medium rounds, the same rounds used by the OICW and MP7.


  • An early texture for the AK-47 can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files, in the folder "materials/Models/Weapons/Obsolete/V_ak47".
  • In the Half-Life 2 files, several texture files for HUD weapon icons can be found, most of which still contain the icons for almost all of the cut weapons. The AK-47 is among them.
  • The bolt and the fire mode selector appear on the left side, while they actually are on the right in real life.
  • The weapon is actually modeled after the improved AKM, not the original AK-47. This is a common mistake in video games.
  • The AK-47 is a rather cheap and robust weapon, so it would have been a common weapon for the Resistance.


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