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The Adhesion Gel is a type of Mobility Gel cut from Portal 2.


Adhesion gel

Adhesion Gel in the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

  • Based on the blue paint appearing in the video game Tag: The Power of Paint, it was to allow players to walk on walls or ceilings covered with the gel. However, playtesters tended to get nauseous after using it as its effect was very disorientating, hence its removal from the game.[2]
  • The sign to be used in Test Chambers for this gel was created and can still be found in the game files.
  • Even though it does not appear in the game in canon, it still exists within the game files. It is a purple gel that causes any object covered in Propulsion Gel to ignore its speed enhancing abilities, effectively canceling it out and causing the object to come to an immediate stop. Any object coated in Adhesion Gel will also not slide around in a puddle of propulsion gel. This gel, however, does not allow players to walk on walls and ceilings. As the gel was not finished at the time of Portal 2's release, its blob texture is missing, thus giving it the purple/black checkerboard appearance, unless its already painted a surface. This also means any object coated in Adhesion Gel will not appear to be. It will have the appearance of an unpainted object. Adhesion Gel can be used in game by creating a gel dropper with a paint ID of Stick.
  • After the Release of the Portal 2 DLC (Peer Review), the gel is now a Conversion Gel and will redirect any laser pointed to it.

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