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The AirEx Truck is a Combine tanker truck cut from Half-Life 2.[1][2] A huge truck with four wheels, a small windowed cabin, and two tanks, it was to be seen in the Air Exchange.[2]


Inside the Air Exchange grounds, with a parked brush AirEx Truck with fixed textures, and the reactor in the back.

Used only in the Air Exchange exterior sections, the AirEx Truck (its model name) was likely to not have a particular use or role, apart from scenery, since it was to be nothing more than a static prop.[2] From a narrative perpective, it was probably intended to transport fuel or other materials used in the facility and was subsequently cut when the Air Exchange chapter was itself removed.

The map "airex_0102.vmf" features it as a brush, but the textures of the bodywork and the tanks are incorrect, thus leaving its original color unknown. The texture-corrected image seen above is only an artistic guess.

Its model can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files, but its textures were not finalized at that time, like the Digger or the Jet Ski. It is unknown if they were ever finished.[3]


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