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The Alien Quarantine Labs is a Black Mesa Research Facility area located under the Gamma Labs and covered during the Half-Life: Decay chapter Intensity.


Dy lasers0019

The four Xen crystals after the lasers are fully activated.

Xen Aliens brought with the Displacement Beacon Focus Emitter are studied in the Alien Quarantine Labs. There can be found a partially dissected Headcrab, a headless Zombie, venom sucked out of a partially conscious Bullsquid (the machine to which can be operated, causing pain to the creature), an Alien Grunt in a tank and a dead Vortigaunt with its slave collars hooked up to a large power device, which, when turned on, reveals that the collars play an important role in creating their lightning bolts.

During Decay, Gina Cross and Colette Green are sent there by Richard Keller from the Gamma Labs to turn on a beam matrix to power the Displacement Beacon Focus Emitter on the surface. The matrix consists of three primary-colored lasers that have to be combined and sent through multicolored Xen crystals to give power to the Focus Emitter located above. As usual, the place is swarming with the common Xen creatures, added to the creatures already studied there.


  • In one area of the labs is a locked door which cannot be opened. In the PC port of Decay, an Easter Egg hunt in the chapter Domestic Violence includes use of the Displacer gun to a corridor behind this door leading to an area made entirely from scratch by the modders. It includes a scientist who begs the G-Man for help as he walks by, and signs that indicate Gamma Labs is located near the Sector E Biodome Complex.


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