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Alyx's Apartment is the apartment of Alyx Vance in Half-Life: Alyx, located in City 17. This is where the opening moments of Half-Life: Alyx take place.


Half-Life: Alyx[]

Inside the apartment there are various newspapers, a whiteboard with a map of the Citadel, and a camera at a window pointed towards a Combine power station. There's a globe with a red X drawn over the North American continent, with question marks on the remaining regions of the world, hinting to a lack of global communication and a lack of understanding if other continents and countries were attacked during the Combine uprising. On top of a desk, there is a snark that can be fed from a can of food. Feeding the snark will grant an achievement. A clipboard with concept drawings of the earliest version of Dog, alongside a polaroid picture of him as a very early design can be found on another desk.

The apartment is connected to a balcony with a view of City 17 and the Citadel under construction. Next to the balcony there is a computer with a large monitor and a microphone where Alyx Vance can receive calls from Eli Vance and potentially other Resistance members. The apartment is part of a residential building with a shared laundromat and a working elevator.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The concept of a hideout like an apartment which is occupied by Alyx can be traced back to the early days of Half-Life 2’s development, as suggested by a single sound file found in the Half-Life 2 leak sound folder temp/alyx, titled cache.wav and dated October 28, 2000. In it, Alyx describes her place: "Well, here we are... It's not home exactly. I never stay anywhere long enough to call it home. But it has all the comfort, you know, like food, and water, weapons, and ammo. Make yourself comfortable. You can charge up your batteries over there. I got some stuff to take care of and... then we'll get moving."

Related achievements[]

Achievement Good Grub
Good Grub
Feed the snark.



  • The side monitors on the balcony can be toggled on or off with hidden switches.
  • There is a pigeon that lingers by the balcony. You can throw a pot at it and it will fly to a new spot by the balcony, then you can throw another pot at it and it will fly away.
  • There is a black cat sleeping on a stool in an apartment below and to the side of Alyx's apartment. The cat is visible from Alyx's balcony.
    • Later, in the laundromat, a pre-7-hour-war poster can be found on the bulletin board about a missing black cat, the very same cat visible from Alyx's apartment.

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