The Antlion Rollergrub was a cut enemy during Half-life 2's beta stages, meant for the same stages as the Antlion King. Eventually, it went on to become the Antlion Grub when the caves were recycled into Victory Mine, while the king went on to become the Antlion Guardian.


While very little is known about the Rollergrub, the name itself speculates that it was to furl into a ball and roll to enemies, then unfurl and attack. The Rollergrub was 'supposedly' found in an old folder, in which it is briefly explained what the Rollergrub's attacks were. Alongside the announcement of the Rollergrub, a few texture leaks were found and later on, a model was even created to suit the textures. Judging by its' carapace and hostile nature, it can be assumed it was more reselient than the Antlion Grub, and would not have died on contact with the player.



Body Texture of the Rollergrub


Full unofficial model


Head Texture for Rollergrub


Legs/"Mouth" Texture of Rollergrub

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