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"Hello, and again, welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to circumstances of potentially apocalyptic significance beyond our control."

The Aperture Science Announcement System, or simply known as the Announcer, is an automated public address AI system used throughout the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2.

It serves to guide Test Subjects when no other supervision is available, such as a Central Core. Narrated by a pre-recorded male voice, the system will give relevant information regarding the current test chamber and other facility status.

When GLaDOS is booted up, she takes over the task of guiding Test subjects.


In the beginning of the single player campaign in Portal 2, Chell, a test subject, is accompanied by the automated announcement system through the first chambers of the game. The announcer tries to calm Chell throughout the ruined test chambers, assuring that she has to continue with the testing as she is assumed to be the "future starter" due to the system working under the assumption that the planet has suffered an apocalyptic event.

The announcer makes many assumptions about the current state of the Enrichment Center, and it is evident that the messages were put in place to cover all circumstances. For instance, one message alludes to an Animal King, though any advice it may have given is cut off towards the end.


Test subject guidance[]

The announcer's primary role within the test chambers is to maintain testing under extenuating circumstances, including such events as an apocalypse. Although statements are given in a calming nature, the voice never hesitates in mentioning events that would encourage panic.

Monitoring of facility[]

The announcer apparently represents the core of the Aperture Science computer system, as it is able to replace GLaDOS' core with Wheatley, though not without human intervention. The announcer's control over the Enrichment Center is limited compared to the main core.

Whilst it can monitor the state of the facility, it is limited to a set of pre-programmed actions, which are not always helpful, to try and continue testing at all costs. For instance, it will only initiate a core transfer in the event that both cores agree to the transfer (or a stalemate is resolved by human means), and only does this in the event of the main core's corruption.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The announcement system's role was at first to be played by GLaDOS, as seen in the game files. Many of the same lines said by the announcement system during the chapter The Courtesy Call exist recorded in GLaDOS's voice.


  • Although it has the ability to put out the fire in the Stalemate Resolution Annex, it is unable to help prevent the Enrichment Center's reactor core from a meltdown when Wheatley ignores it, suggesting that the AI system can override or ignore it.

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