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"To initiate a core transfer, please deposit substitute core in receptacle."
Aperture Science Announcement System[src]

The Aperture Science Core Input Receptacle is a computer data port that allows Personality Constructs to be attached to it and upload data or override computer functions in Portal 2.

They can be found throughout the Enrichment Center as one is primarily focused in the Central AI Chamber and others are even found in hidden panels behind testing tracks.


When Chell was working alongside with Wheatley trying to escape, she plugged Wheatley into a Core Input Receptacle. In doing this, Wheatley was able to override testing protocol and eventually allow them to continue with their escape.

The computer port becomes a vital storyline element inside the Central AI Chamber, when Wheatley is plugged into it to initiate a Central Core transfer. This is achieved once the Aperture Science Announcement System states that due to GLaDOS' corruption, a replacement core is needed to bypass her control over the facility. Knowing this, Chell places Wheatley into the Core Input Receptacle to initiate the transfer process. Finally, GLaDOS also uses that very same computer port in the Central AI Chamber to transfer herself from the potato battery that Wheatley had uploaded her into, and back to the Central Core body after disconnecting Wheatley – who wasn't able to maintain the facility due to his incompetence.


  • An input receptacle was never seen in the original Central AI Chamber (or any test chambers) in Portal. Most likely, these input receptacles were simply hidden underneath their panels during that time, as there was no use for them during the actual game.
  • Humorously, Wheatley seems to feel a degree of embarrassment if someone directly watches him interfacing with a Receptacle, saying that he "can't do it if [Chell is] watching."
  • The process for replacing a corrupted Central Core appears to be painful for at least one of the participants, as GLaDOS screams in what seems to be a mixture of pain and defiance during the transfer. GLaDOS also assured Wheatley that it would be painful. Wheatley's subsequent screams confirm this fact.
  • "Are you just saying that, or is it really going to hurt? You're just saying that, aren't you? No, you're not. It is going to hurt, isn't it? Exactly how painful are we - AGHHHHHH!"

―Wheatley during core transfer



―GLaDOS during core transfer

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