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The Aperture Science Laser Field is a very rare testing element featured only once in a Test Chamber of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2.

It was originally introduced in Portal: Still Alive, but was an unofficial testing element until it was utilized in Portal 2, during Wheatley's twelfth Test Chamber; its only appearance in the game.


  • The Laser Field is comprised of dozens of low-intensity lasers which prevent Test Subjects from passing through without disabling it, otherwise resulting in death. It appears to affect living beings but not equipment, thus acting as the exact opposite of the Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill.
  • The field's emitters are two curved emitters with a red stripe, which dispense 5 of the two-linked lasers, and on each side a bright red attention sign is marked.
  • During Test Chamber 12 of Wheatley's Testing Track, the Laser Field's operation is linked to a Thermal Discouragement Beam receptacle on the opposite wall as part of the test.
  • Discouragement Redirection Cubes are not affected by the Laser Field, and are therefore unable to redirect any of the lasers.
  • According to the Test Chamber sign, Test Chamber 17 in Wheatley's testing track was intended to have laser fields, but you never actually get to see the part of the test that has them, since Wheatley catapults you out of the first room.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Laser Field's name is based on that of its texture files.
  • In Portal: Still Alive, the Laser Field was originally named as a "red wall" on the name of the signage texture found in the game's files. Like in Portal 2, its emitter was reusing the model of the Material Emancipation Grid's emitters, however its emitter was lacking the red variant skin that Portal 2 has and had used the Emancipation Grid model from Portal.


  • This device along with the Mobility Gels are one of the few and only testing elements that GLaDOS avoids using at all costs, as they are never seen in any of her Testing Tracks.


Portal: Still Alive[]

Still Alive Laser Field 2


Xbla signage sizzle field

A laser field signage In portal still alive.

Still Alive Laser Field 1

A laser field in portal still alive.

Portal 2[]

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