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Area 8 Topside Dormitories is a Black Mesa Research Facility outdoor area located within Sector B Coolant Reserve, along the Sector B Line of the Black Mesa Transit System. First seen during the Half-Life: Blue Shift chapter Living Quarters Outbound, this is where Barney Calhoun is accommodated while working at Black Mesa.


Apparently used solely for security guards, these dormitories are one of the only two personnel dormitories seen or mentioned during the games, the other being Level 3 Dormitories.

Set on both sides of Sector B Line of the Black Mesa Transit System, it features a basketball court, a small tram platform, and the dorms themselves, resembling portable houses. Following the tracks leads to the East Personnel Entrance, then the network enters the main facility. Above the East Personnel Entrance floats an orange flag of Black Mesa.

Behind the scenes

The name of this area is given by the Black Mesa Announcement System.


  • Easter egg: a soccer ball that fell from the basketball terrain above can be seen under the tracks at the very start of the ride.
  • When Barney starts his ride, a fellow security guard misses the tram. This mirrors the two scientists and the security guard seen possibly missing their tram at the start of Half-Life.


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