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The Attack on Nova Prospekt was a major Resistance effort that preceded a major armed revolution in City 17. After evading Combine attacks on the coast, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance infiltrated Nova Prospekt in order to free Eli Vance. Although their effort failed, the pair succeeded in inadvertently destroying the entire complex, which was taken as a signal by the Resistance to begin an armed uprising against Combine forces in City 17.


Following the capture of Eli Vance, Eli's daughter, Alyx Vance, determined Eli had been taken to Nova Prospekt along with Combine double-agent, Judith Mossman (although Mossman's true loyalties were unknown to Alyx or Freeman at the time). Alyx successfully infiltrated Nova Prospekt by smuggling herself onto the Razor Train network that resupplied the facility. Meanwhile, Gordon Freeman was forced to travel through Ravenholm and then along the coast to reach Nova Prospekt. Upon reaching the Vortigaunt Camp, Freeman was supplied with aromatic pheropods from a Myrmidont he had slain, enabling him to control the Antlions that had burrowed into the beach along the coast.


Freeman proceeded along the coast, disengaging the thumpers installed to keep Antlion incursions at bay. With his new-found allies, Freeman breached the heavily fortified beach perimeter of Nova Prospekt, despite heavy pulse cannon fire from the well-manned bunkers. Using the old sewer network beneath the old prison complex, Freeman infiltrated the exterior courtyard, while the Antlions swarmed the defensive positions. Two Airwatch Gunships attempted to contain the incursion, however, both were shot down.

Entering into the old prison complex, Freeman soon found that the Nova Prospekt garrison was rapidly losing control of the situation. Antlions had burrowed underneath the compound and breached through the floors, inflicting heavy casualties on the guards while laying waste to the facility. The Overwatch instructed the guards to kill all prisoners in Block A7 as it lost control of Block B2. In desperation to repel the incursion, the guards attempted to slow the progress of the Antlions using forcefields, made considerable use of automated sentry turrets to replace the losses suffered through attrition, and set up tripmines to inflict losses on their seemingly unrelenting foe. However, with the aid of Freeman, these defences were compromised after fierce indoor fighting, and the Antlions subsequently breached Blocks A5, A7, B4, and D8.

Freeman rendezvoused with Alyx in the Depot, a Combine superstructure added onto the newer areas of the old prison. There, the pair located Eli Vance and moved him to the teleport chamber, intending to leave the facility for Kleiner's Lab. As Freeman reached a control room, several squads of prison guards launched an attack to recapture the room and kill Freeman, however, this attack was repulsed with all guards killed. There, Alyx and Freeman exposed the treachery of Judith Mossman, as the former hacked into a communication between herself and Wallace Breen. Freeman moved deeper into the facility, however found himself isolated in a cordoned-off cell block. There, several squads of guards launched a determined assault against him, however, well-entrenched with several reprogrammed turrets and supplies, Freeman repelled the assault, inflicting grievous losses on the guards.

Alyx and Freeman reached the teleport chamber with Mossman and Eli, however, before Alyx could interfere, Mossman teleported herself and Eli to the Citadel, leaving Alyx and Freeman to fend for themselves against an oncoming attack. Setting up a final defensive position with several reprogrammed turrets, Alyx and Freeman held off the fierce assault long enough for the teleporter to recharge, whereupon they escaped the facility to Kleiner's Lab. Due to the instability and high energy consumption of the Combine's facsimile teleporter, the unit exploded, destroying the entire compound.


The destruction of the prison presumably killed all the remaining garrison, as well as the many citizens and Resistance members who had been held captive by the Combine. Nova Prospekt had long been a bitterly hated and feared symbol of Combine oppression, where political prisoners were detained and subjected to brutal torture, or horrific physical mutilation to become part of the Overwatch Army, or worse, Stalkers. Consequently, its destruction was a decisive psychological victory for the Human-Vortigaunt Resistance, convincing the oppressed citizenry of City 17 to launch an armed revolution against Combine rule.

Nevertheless, Alyx and Freeman had failed to free Eli Vance from captivity. Furthermore, the Combine teleporter's design resulted in a relativistic delay; while Freeman and Alyx experienced mere moments, over a week passed outside the teleport bubble. Consequently, many began to assume they had been killed in the explosion, until their reappearance to help coordinate tactical efforts against the Combine in City 17.


  1. Assuming the player kills all those encountered, also counting the corpses and those killed on cameras, also counts the 5 Elites who break into the teleport chamber at the end