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"Your mother would be so proud... if she were here today."
Eli Vance[src]

Azian Vance was the wife of Eli Vance and the mother of Alyx Vance. During the Black Mesa Incident, she was one of the many who did not make it out of Black Mesa.


Eli azian

Azian and Eli on a newspaper clip on Kleiner's Lab cork board.

To remember his wife, Eli managed to save a picture of her and Alyx as a baby, which he kept safe with him in Black Mesa East and later White Forest during the Uprising. Azian can also be seen with Eli on the Kleiner's Lab cork board on a small newspaper clip pinned on the bottom-left. It is unknown if Azian was a Black Mesa scientist, had another occupation or was a housewife.

According to the family picture, it seems that the little box-like jewel Alyx is wearing around her neck originally belonged to Azian. Along with the family picture, it was salvaged somehow by Eli, while he does not mention it to Gordon at Black Mesa East when he mentions what he managed to carry out of Black Mesa.

Behind the scenes

As heard in sound files featured in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files, Eli was to explain to Gordon at Black Mesa East that after the Resonance Cascade he found Alyx alone with her mother's wedding ring in her hand, suggesting the jewel carried by Alyx was originally a ring instead of a necklace. While Eli still wears his wedding ring in the final game, no ring can be found in Alyx's model, and no reference to that is ever made.[2]


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