The Backhoe (also known as the crane, rear or back actor) is a construction crane that was cut from Half-Life 2. The crane only makes a appearance in canal_bridge and appears to be one of the only attractions the player can control (other than a couple unused Ravenholm traps and other props.)

As mentioned in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar it is mentioned as a sketch for one of Father Grigori's " traps ".


The original model of the Backhoe was pure grey but was fixed to have its original color fixed by the Mega Patch v.4.1 over at project.beta.

The map was to feature many cut traps that weren't used in the game many were under a giant bridge one of them being the backhoe. When first found it is turned to the right side disabled. There are two levers on the crane on making it go left and right as the other one made it go up and done as well as moving the crane's shovel. By pressing the left switch it would enable the crane by having it turn left and right (push forward for left and pull back for right). Once pushing the right lever back it raises the crane by pushing it down it moves the crane down while having it move the shovel part. The crane was to make sounds similar to the door opening sound in the beta.

The backhoe is also featured in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar uncorrected proof on page 234 as it showed to be attached to a machine like tech. It was later modeled and used in citizen_tech01 where it would never be used again.


  • This was to be seen in the early 2003 maps but was cut for unknown reasons.
  • The crane was only used and seen in this map.
  • It was to be used by both Citizens and Workers as well as Gordon Freeman.


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Half-Life² Beta (Leak)- citizen tech01

Half-Life² Beta (Leak)- citizen tech01


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