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"Hey! psst buddy! over here! Barney's friend right?. Stick with me, gotta see about getting you some papers then we can get you to where your going. I can't guarantee your safety if we get separated. "
―Barney's Scout[src]

Barney's Scout (also known as the Undercover Rebel) is a scout/rebel cut from Half-Life 2. He appears in the older, September 2002 and the 2003 versions of d1_terminal_01. He also appears in the September 2002 map called train station.


The scout was to be tasked by Barney Calhoun to acquire Gordon Freeman but while taking him to meet Barney he was captured by two Metropolice officers and was arrested. He was to be later questioned by one of them and possibly tortured.

Older levels

When the player would walk to the pendulum script in the early version of d1_terminal_01 he would talk to you secretly while whispering to the player. He would ask the player if they were barney's friend as he would then immediately tell the player about filling out papers and get the player to where they're going. He tells the player to stick close to him. While the player follows the rebel he tells the player that he can't " guarantee " his safety if they were to get separated. If the player was to stop following the rebel he would stand idle and wait for the player to follow again. While following the player he would walk down a small alleyway they make it to a little door that him and player wait for Barney. Instead two metro cops come and tell the rebel that he's been doing this before and told him to stop coming around the alley. One of the Metropolice directly warns the player he his bad news and that the player should stay away from him.

Once the player makes their way to a elevator they can spot the rebel being arrested by one of the Metro Cops.

2003 version

The dialogue goes the same exact way it does but instead the player meets him in front of the trainstation plaza. The same sequence goes but instead the rebel walks up to a NP hotel wall as two metro cops run up to the player and the rebel as they then proceed to warn the rebel and warn the player that he's bad news.

He does appear in train_station (train station map) where he tells the Metro Cop that there has been some kind of mistake as the civil protection officer looks at the player and says " What are you looking at "?.

The sequence was completely removed for Barney's scene instead. The entire Undercover character was cut in the process especially his lines. The scene with him being caught and talking to the metrop cop was replaced by the citizen being caught.


  • In the older version of the scripted event the rebel is leaning on a wall.
  • The rebel in the 2003 version doesn't show him being arrested but instead he stands idle.


Older Version