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Imagecat This article is about the weapon cut from Half-Life 2. For the telescope-like device seen along the Coast, see Combine Binoculars.

The Binoculars is an item (used as a weapon game-wise) cut from Half-Life 2. It can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta.


  • The Binoculars cannot be spawned with impulse 101; the code give weapon_binoculars must be entered.
  • They can zoom in to five times normal sight, however the player cannot fire weapons while using it.
  • They were finally integrated into the suit as the "zoom" feature, and the crossbow's scope.
  • Sound files found in its related sound folder also contain garbled voice sounds and the excerpt of a yodelling song which was from the song "The Tyrolean Music Station" from the 1997 album "The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations" , as the binoculars were supposed to allow the player to locate and track radio signals.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Binocular's code in the leaked source code, the Binoculars were to have a black mask while zoomed in, a different crosshair and animations for zooming in.[1]


In the Half-Life 2 files, several texture files for HUD weapon icons can be found, most of which still containing the icons for almost all of the cut weapons. The Binoculars are among them.


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