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The Bloody Headcrab Zombie (also known as the Bloody Zombie) was a near-final cut variation of the Standard Zombie that was replaced in the final version of Half-Life 2. It only appears in the 2003 storyline of the Half-Life 2 Beta.



The two zombies in the map "boxing".

The Bloody Headcrab Zombie first appears in E3 2003 in many of Valve's presentations. The zombie then appeared in the leaked beta of Half-Life 2. The Zombies famous appearance appear in a demo test map also known as " boxing " can be found in the beta. It comprises of a small dark room with a boxing ring in the middle of the room. From there two idle zombies are standing at two corners of the ring looking at each other. A bell can be heard ringing and thus the two zombies walk towards each other. They will both start to fight before one of the two kills each other. Once one of the two are killed the bell will ring again the level would end with the zombie standing idle.

2003 Storyline[]

Zombies Ravenholm cover

The Bloody Zombies in Ravenholm.

In the 2003 storyline the Bloody headcrab Zombie first makes a appearance in Ravenholm on the maps d1_town_01 - d1_town_05. They appear in these levels as the once town filled with normal Citizens are now all turned into Zombies. The player would eventually meet Father Grigori in which they'd both meet up to kill the zombies together with Grigori's traps that he created. The zombies would appear with other zombies like the Fast Zombie and the Poison Zombie as well as other headcrabs like the Bloody Headcrab, Poison Headcrab, and Fast Headcrab. It would, however, be the last known time they'd appear.


The whole model appearance and animations are still used in the final version. But in a completely reworked appearance, based on the final version of Citizens models.

The gameplay element of seeing, after removing a Headcrab host, exposing a half-skull, leaving only with the jaw bone intact, was recycled for the Zombine, starting in Half-Life 2: Episode One.


  • This version of the Zombie does not have a Torso variation as to when cutting in half the zombie will either die completely or the Bloody Headcrab will survive and try to attack the player.
  • Originally as seen in the playable leak. When the Headcrab is off the body there will be nothing but a human jaw bone as it's presumed that when the headcrab is off the zombie the head comes off too.



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