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This article is about the Gearbox employee. For the Black Mesa scientist, see Hess.

Brian Hess is a writer and level designer who used to work for Gearbox Software. Alongside Randy Pitchford and Matthew Armstrong, he co-wrote the story for Half-Life: Decay, and worked on the deatchmatch maps of Half-Life: Opposing Force.[1]

He started level designing by building third party levels for Doom and Quake while being at the University of Virginia. After graduating with a BA degree in Studio Art, he went to Texas in search of a career; there he was hired by Gearbox Software. At Gearbox, he also worked on James Bond 007: Nightfire, as well as Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, and Brothers in Arms: D-Day. He then moved to Stormfront Studios, where he worked on Eragon.[1]


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