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The Chef Vortigaunts are two Vortigaunts briefly shown in chapter Black Mesa East of Half-Life 2. They work in the kitchen of the resistance base, preparing food for resistance members and refugees from City 17. They can be briefly seen by Gordon from the elevator on its way to Eli's lab.


Both Vortigaunts wear cooking hats and are seen using kitchen equipment. One of them is preparing food from what appears to be several vegetables, along with a standard headcrab. This, as well as fast headcrab being cooked by the All-Knowing Vortigaunt in his cave and the Quarantine Zone Vortigaunt making headcrab soup, indicates that headcrabs are a delicacy among Vortigaunts and possibly human rebels, as there is nearly no other food available.


At the time of the Combine invasion, the aforementioned Chef Vortigaunts along with others were most likely taking part in defending the base from Overwatch Soldiers. Whether they survived or not is unknown.


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