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The Colt Python (or .357 Magnum Revolver) is a powerful handgun, which is more accurate and powerful than the USP Match or the Glock 17, featured in most of the Half-Life series titles.


The Colt Python's first appearance, in Half-Life.


  • The Colt Python can kill anything weaker than a Bullsquid and Overwatch Soldier (in Easy mode) in one shot. While this may sound tempting, it is better to conserve Colt Python ammo for foes that require multiple shots to take down, such as the Alien Grunt, Alien Controller, Poison Zombie, and Overwatch Elite. All of the enemies that can be killed with one Colt Python shot can also be killed with double a HECU Shotgun blast or one Combine Shotgun blast (as provided all pellets hits the target), which has much more ammo scattered throughout the game than the Colt Python does.
  • With its accuracy and power, the Colt Python is the best sniper weapon in the game, which is counterintuitive being a pistol rather than a long gun. Therefore, use the Python in situations where sniping is appropriate, such as to pick off HECU who are at a distance but not moving.
  • In Half-Life multiplayer, the secondary fire button triggers a zoom which may be used for long-range sniper shots.
  • Since it has no built-in scope in Half-Life 2, the HEV Suit zoom can be used to aim for long distance shots. The player should zoom into the target and have the desired target in the center of their crosshair, then the zoom must be quickly released and the player must fire. Alternatively, a player may hold down the primary fire button while the zoom is being released to instantly fire a round and diminish jolting. This allows the Colt Python to be used as a makeshift sniping weapon until obtaining the Crossbow.
  • Ammunition for this weapon is very rare in all of the games, so one should use this weapon only when its pinpoint accuracy and stopping power is required, such as against Alien Grunts, Overwatch Elites, and Hunters standing far away. Its ammunition value increases in Half Life 2 and its Episodes by only allowing 12 shots outside of the main magazine, instead of 36 like in Half-Life.
  • Be sure reload this weapon when not in combat as the Colt Python has a moderate reload time. If forced during combat, either switch to suitable firearm or retreat and take cover while reloading.
  • Using this gun in the deathmatch modes can result in many easy kills at any range as long as one aims for the head.
  • Assuming ammunition is plentiful for other weapons, the Colt is good to use against Poison Headcrabs, as it will kill them in one hit at any range.
  • This is the most effective firearm against Hunters. The source code states that this is because players perceive the weapon as the strongest in the game.[2]

Behind the scenes

Half-Life viewmodel, multiplayer version, with the attachment under the barrel.

  • As heard in the Half-Life sound file get_44pistol.wav and as seen on the cut ammo box model, the Half-Life Python was originally to be a .44 Magnum revolver.
  • The Half-Life Deathmatch Python model features an attachment under the barrel that resembles a laser pointer, although it acts similar to a scope and emits a cosmetic laser. While that scope is not visible in Half-Life Deathmatch: Source or Half-Life: Source, its function remains.
    • This attachment was originally to appear in Half-Life's singleplayer mode as well.
  • The Half-Life High Definition Pack remodeled the Python into a Colt Anaconda, though it still uses .357 Magnum ammunition, whereas the real Anaconda is chambered in .44 Magnum.
    • This may refer to an earlier concept where it was actually chambered in .44 magnum.


  • In the Half-Life 2 series, all six rounds in the Python's cylinder are reloaded together, but there is no speedloader (the cartridges just float in mid-air as a circular group). The animation is instead more suited for the application of a moon clip. Overall this is merely a design oversight.
  • The Half-Life 2 worldmodel hasn't changed since the non-HD Half-Life version, aside from a slight quality upgrade.
  • At the end of the reload animation, Gordon spins the cylinder when it should be locked in place. This would be impossible in real life. He also spins it in the wrong direction.
  • The Half-Life 2 viewmodel looks like a Colt Anaconda (albeit with incorrect screw placements), but has "Python Elite .357 Magnum" written on the barrel. Conversely, the worldmodel correctly has the words "Colt Anaconda", as well as more accurately placed screws.
  • In Half-Life, the reload time is actually shorter than the reload animation. The player can hold down the trigger, and Gordon will fire the gun as soon as he puts fresh rounds in, even before closing the cylinder.
  • In Half-Life: Source, using the sv_cheats console command allows the player to use the Python's scope function.
  • During the Python's reload animation in Half-Life 2, the casings ejected by the gun will not appear on the ground. This has been fixed in Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
  • In Half-Life retail version (v1.0.0.5 - v1.1.07) there is a sound played during the reload animation that was, for unknown reasons, absent in later versions (v1.1.0.8+). It was later readded but the HD pack remains broken.
  • The Colt Python was not included in the leaked 2003 version of Half-Life 2.
  • The Colt Python cannot be used by NPCs.
  • In Half Life, Gordon pulls the hammer back with his thumb as an idle animation, which pulls the trigger back and rotates the cylinder. This would be correct if the cylinder didn't lock back in place afterward. In real life, you would have to manually align the cylinder back in place if you were to do this.
  • In Half-Life: Source, it is possible to increase the rate of fire and skip the recoil animation by quickly pressing the quick switch button after each shot.
  • In the original Half-Life, the non-HD Colt Python appears to have a bluish metallic tint to it.
  • In the real world, Colt Pythons have a reputation for accuracy and power, much like the one in Half-Life.


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