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The Combat Knife is a melee weapon featured in Half-Life: Opposing Force and used by Adrian Shephard. It can be found plunged into the back of a dead Vortigaunt on a cliff, and later in an office before reaching the Lambda Complex. Its appearance is similar to that of the classic KA-BAR knife and OKC-3S bayonet.


A step up from the Pipe Wrench, the knife does less damage per hit and has no secondary attack, but has a considerably faster rate of attack. The knife is best used for conserving ammo while fighting weaker enemies and breaking open supply crates.

Its speed is identical to the crowbar but it deals twice as much damage, can instantly kill humans from behind (in multiplayer) and instantly kill Headcrabs when they attack except on Hard difficulty.

Behind the scenes

  • A combat knife can also be seen attached on the Human Sergeant's belt, although it is only part of his textures.


  • In Counter-Strike, each player starts with a combat knife. Like in Opposing Force, the knife is able to kill a player with a single backstab.
  • In the German version of Left 4 Dead 2, a few Counter-Strike weapons, including the Combat Knife, are featured.


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