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A spinning combine assassin (she spins when she jumps)

The Combine Assassin,[1] also known as Female Assassin or simply Assassin, is a female transhuman enemy cut from Half-Life 2, the successor of Half-Life’s female assassin and a predecessor of the Overwatch Elite, who inherited her helmet.[1]


The Combine Assassin is mostly a slimmer and female version of the Overwatch Elite, with an almost identical helmet.

She uses two automatic pistols (and originally some kind of rifle[1]), and a variety of melee attacks. She is shown to be a quick and resourceful enemy, moving swiftly and performing flips, rolls, and other movements. She also wears heel springs, recycled as the Advanced Knee Replacement for Chell in Portal, that improves her movements and speed. The armor and padding are almost completely absent, allowing the assassin to move quickly. When she dies, the light on her helmet slowly goes off.[2]

Five individuals were to be seen "stored" frozen in tanks in the Borealis.[3]


The Combine Assassin survived as the female Combine Sniper in the arcade version of Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Survivor, as several custom player models.


  • The Combine Assassin was originally going to wear the Advanced Knee Replacement that Chell wore in Portal, but due to the cut of the Combine Assassin, the Advanced Knee Replacement applied for Chell later when Portal was in development.
  • The visible similarities between the Combine Assassin's uniform and that of the Overwatch elites may indicate that they hold a higher spot in the Overwatch hierarchy, on par with the elites. Unlike the elites her eye was able to glow in darker areas of the beta (which was removed in Survivor).
  • Originally in the leak her pistols were to be untextured (soon fixed) as the guns could be sticking to her palms whenever she attacked the enemy (which was also fixed).


Combine Assassin - Animations

Combine Assassin - Animations

The video contains all the animations from the Combine Assassin.

All the animations are unused in Half-Life 2, since the NPC was cut.

Some animations are similar to the Assassin from the first Half-Life

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