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Combine Barricades are, as the name suggests, barriers used to regulate or completely deny access to certain areas under Combine control.


These barricades range from Emplacement Guns emplacements that can be set up in a minute to full-sized barricades cordoning off entire streets. Instead of true windows, they have a sort of liquid looking, solid forcefield that offers ample protection against weapons. The doors that the large barricades have are multi-sectioned and mounted on mechanical arms. Before The Uprising, similar barricades blocked streets on a near-permanent basis to control Citizens movements, but these had forcefields rather than heavy doors that allowed citizens with the correct permissions through. Citizens are seen showing their left arm to the mounted cameras watching them, hinting they might have some kind of ID on the wrist, although nothing is seen on the models.

Combat style barricades often include button controlled mechanical gates. The only way to get past these gates is to find a way around and hit the button to open it, or wait for a Civil Protection unit to come through, kill them, and run through the door before it closes.




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