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This subject is from the Combine era.This is a safe article.
Imagecat This article is about the telescope-like device seen along the Coast. For the weapon cut from Half-Life 2, see Binoculars (cut weapon).

The Combine Binoculars is a telescope-like device used to observe distant objects.


Soldier binocs

Overwatch Soldier looking through the Combine Binoculars, shortly before being killed.

The Combine Binoculars is a dark colored device with a shimmering blue lens with a green sight set into a small, compact set. The device can be fixed on the edge of a window, its tripod planted into the wall beneath. On the other side of the set seems to be some sort of rack with different lenses, possibly to be changed depending on the use.

The device is featured only once in Half-Life 2, during Gordon Freeman's journey along the Coast. There it is used by a squad of Overwatch Soldiers to observe New Little Odessa from a small house located at the other side of a bay.

After killing the Overwatch Soldiers stationed in the small house, Freeman himself can observe N.L.O. through the binoculars. There he witnesses Odessa Cubbage and the G-Man chatting at the top floor of N.L.O.'s main building, then going back inside together, and Rebels walking around, notably one of them pushing a dead Antlion off the cliff.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Its name is based on that of its model.
  • In the playable Half-Life 2 Beta (in the map "d2_coast_02"), the house where it is to be found is empty.
  • The binoculars are not present in the Xbox version of Half-Life 2, while they are in the Xbox 360 Orange Box version.
  • The Combine Binoculars have a shorter zoom distance when used in Garry's Mod, however by wielding the Resistance Crossbow its zoom can increase view distance similar to that in Half-Life 2.


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