The Combine Female Sniper (also known as the Female Sniper or Combine Assassin Sniper) is a sniper variation of the Combine featured in the multiplayer game Half-Life 2: Survivor. Her predecessor is the cut Combine Assassin.



Custom Created female sniper.

The Sniper only makes her appearance in Half-Life 2: Survivor as a sniper class for the Combine. In Half-Life 2: Survivor (like the Resistance Female Sniper use the Laser Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Stun Baton and the Pulse Rifle. She also (when unlocked via Battle Points) uses the Provisional Shield, Sentry Gun, Paint Gun, and Spark Generator. The Sniper is least protected by her bodysuit than other characters in Survivor. The sniper would usually be seen away from the battle on higher areas as well as long distances as her armor wouldn't protect her from close range.


  • The Laser Rifle (another variant of the Sniper Rifle) is very hard to use as it deals low damage when used and a medium knockback. It does however push her enemies to a distance where their weapons become weak.
  • If the player deploys a force shield it allows the player to reload the sniper rifle in very open/long areas.
  • If the player doesn't want their position found the player can use the silenced pistol which when used to kill an enemy it will not have her location discovered,

Behind The Scenes

  • The model of the Combine Female Sniper was reused from the Combine Assassin an assassin enemy that was cut from Half-Life 2. The model was heavily update though certain things were left alone like the helmet, bodysuit and the idea of her being a sniper was all left in.
  • The sniper rifle is based off of the version that was cut from Half-Life 2.


Half-Life 2: Survivor

Half-Life 2 (cut)

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