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Combine Interfaces are found wherever the Combine reside. Notably, they are featured throughout City 17, Nova Prospekt and the Citadel. They are used to control nearly all aspects of Combine technology.


D1 trainstation 010004

Barney covertly using the interface to inform Kleiner of Gordon's arrival

The command panels found in City 17 are generally used to open and close gates, and they may also be used for communication, as seen when Barney Calhoun communicated with Isaac Kleiner in the opening levels of Half-Life 2. The majority of command panels found in Nova Prospekt are used to work the systems around the facility – such as gaining access to surveillance cameras or transporting prisoner pods. They are also used to work the teleporter that Doctor Judith Mossman helped build for the Combine. The command panels in the Citadel are only seen conveying Breencasts, while they probably possess other functions also. When looking closely at some of the modules, the words "Combine Mainframe Access Command Module" written in English can be seen.

Ordinarily, command panels can only be operated by Combine personnel. However, Alyx is seen using an EMP Tool to assume control of the panels. Barney has a limited Civil Protection clearance, which allows him to operate some, but not all of the panels. She is also seen opening up a combine keyboard revealing Synth technology inside. This suggests that Combine Synths can be used as circuits and/or data storage devices similar to a Solid State Drive.

Behind the scenes[]

  • While the combine keyboards have three models (001, 002, and 003), the screen names have only two (001 and 003), suggesting there were three screen models originally in the game.


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