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"The Combine Killer" is the nickname of an unseen scavenger whose hideout Alyx finds in the Quarantine Zone.



While the Quarantine Zone was condemned due to the overgrowth of Xen fauna, several City 17 citizens choose to continue living there, including Larry. Another citizen, nicknamed "the Combine Killer", took refuge in a hideout near the present-day location of The Vault. They spend their days exacting revenge on Combine patrols.

Half-Life: Alyx

Alyx stumbles upon the Combine Killer's hideout while exploring a building in the Quarantine Zone. The state of the space suggests the scavenger hasn't been back in a while.

Behind the scenes

The Combine Killer's hideout is located in the same building where Alyx spies on the Unnamed Scientist in Chapter 9: Revelations. It was created as a reward to players for being observant and exploring the environment. The idea was to highlight the story of scavengers, like Larry, who live beyond the quarantine wall, and what their day-to-day lives might be like. According to Dean Tate, the Combine Killer may eventually join the organized resistance by the events of Half-Life 2.[1]


  • Among the items in the Combine Killer's possession is a conspiracy book called Black Mesa White Lies, apparently published before the Seven Hour War, proposing theories on what goes on inside the Black Mesa Research Facility. The book's author is Dr. Jonas Allard: Allard also wrote a book titled A Singular Mind featured in Campo Santo's Firewatch (Campo Santo was acquired by Valve and much of the team worked on Half-Life: Alyx).


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