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"I love this gun."
Russell after Alyx kills a group of zombies[src]

The Combine Shotgun is a weapon featured in Half-Life: Alyx.


The shotgun appears to be a modified Heavy Shotgun turned into a compact weapon. Alyx first acquires it from the corpse of a zombified Combine Worker. It is operated in a unique fashion, instead of sliding shells into the magazine tube from underneath and racking a pump slide like most shotguns, it incorporates a break action and charging handle to load and charge the weapon. Due to its compact size, it can be easily wielded and fired from one hand. It deals heavy damage and is semi automatic. It features a foldable wire stock however this cannot be used by the player. The logo for "RATEL" is printed on one side of the gun's slider. The design of the shotgun seems to be based on a SPAS-12, although it's fired one-handed and has an underfolding stock. It holds up to 6 shells in its internal magazine, and it can be upgraded to shoot two shells at once, gaining a more SPAS-12 like heat shield, but it needs to be broken open for loading. It can be fitted with a grenade launcher allowing a Grenade to be attached to the front. It's the most powerful weapon available to the player in Half-Life: Alyx, effectively acting as the close-range equivalent of the Magnum from the previous games.


The Shotgun has 4 upgrades:

  • Laser Sight-cost 10 Resin
  • Double Shot-cost 25 Resin
  • Auto Loader-cost 30 Resin
  • Grenade Launcher-cost 40 Resin

Behind the scenes

AlyxShotgun beta.jpg

Its hologram during upgrading has a SPAS-12 like heat shield by default. The shotgun only gains a similar looking shield once upgraded to double shot. This is likely a beta leftover.

Related achievements

Achievement Zombie with a Shotgun.jpg Zombie with a Shotgun
Collect the shotgun.


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