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The Combine Sniper Elite is an older version of the Transhuman Combine Elite/sniper unit that was cut from Half-Life 2. He has many similar files to the Elite as well as being one of the first coded snipers in the game. He was to also have the same voice lines as the Combine Elite. His successor is the Overwatch Sniper.


The Combine Sniper Elite was, at one point, Valve's planning to remake the Combine Elite into a Sniper. He was an older version of the Combine Elite Soldier. His code is basically very similar to the Elite's code and the only thing that's different of his health is that its increased from 70 - 100 HP.

20071814830 eliteorig (1)

Broken leaked model of the sniper.

His original Model had a strange multicolored/motted textures that were probably placeholders with that being said that is currently not the case. Originally the sniper (like the elite) couldn't move without turning his whole body at the player (in his broken state). This was later fixed when his animations and code were found in the leak.

Like the Combine Elite he is a transhuman as you can see the white eyes through the mask (its texture shows no eyes just blank white eyes) and a Citizens head with it reusing H.E.C.U. voice lines from the first Half-Life.

At one point the Elite was to use MK3A2 Grenade's as their is are two unused animations of the Elite throwing the MK3A2 grenade both underhanded and rolling it. All that's left of this were the animations.

There was also another animation where if the Elite was hurt badly the Elite would have a walking animation showing that he needs medical attention as his arms sway as he's more crouched down while walking. It is unknown when this animation would play as its likely unused.

Transparent Camoflauge

A user over at named VXP managed to fix the sniper's camo coding and brought it into a working state for the Leaknet Patch. It appears that the broken textures were conduct as they took a sample of the texture behind the Combine Elite/Sniper Elite as it puts them on the camo. A working demonstration of the mechanic can be found in the video below.

The function  npc_combineelite exists in the beta's source code, but it uses the same code as the Elite and the Beta Combine Soldier with the only difference being the voice lines and its model. The Elite was to appear in vert_04 where only four appear in the courtyard of the level. There was to also be a test map called " camostreet " where the map was used to test the Combine Elite's behavior and attacks and " camoroom " for testing the Elite's camo.

When fixed whenever the sniper elite is in front of a certain prop or wall it'll change its transprent color into that prop. It was to do this with many various props but is still limited for the early Source engine. At one point the elite could change into colors himself though there is no proof of this. Two colors of the sniper are seen. One older while another is a newer fixed version two textures the standard sniper elite can change into.


  • Movement!
  • Target!
  • Cover!
  • Fire in the hole!
  • Go!
  • Grenade!
  • Cover Fire!
  • Request Backup!


The Combine Sniper Elite's materials folder had a large number of used and unused textures in the files. There is currently a low resolution of white textures and others including equipment for the Elite.


Broken/Leaked models

Other models/textures.


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