The Combine squads are a tactical measure in the war against The Resistance. When encountered, it's usually hard to dispatch a squad depending on the number of individuals and on what the squad is made of.


Civil Protection squad

Usually encountered in urban areas such as City 17, numbering from 3 to 6 individuals. There are little to no combat tactics at all (possibly due to the low ranking and poor training).

Overwatch Soldier squad

Encountered in all the possible environments such as the coast, City 17 and the forests around City 17 and beyond. The tactics are visibly existent:

  1. Taking cover and throwing grenades.
  2. Tactical retreat and offensive (Encirclement, cover tactics, long range combat, including snipers providing assistance) and a modest stealth consisting of hiding behind corners and almost instantly killing or severely injuring the target, tactic used mostly by Combine shotgunners.

Hunter squads

The most lethal squad type similar to German U-Boat tactics such as the followings:

  1. Harassing targets, attacking the target one at the time, others finding positions for the next turn.
  2. Tactical encirclement, blocking all the entries or exits to a zone forcing the target to take cover followed by forcing the target to exit it's hideout by suppression fire.

Strider squads

Simply Striders acting like a mobile artillery and the Hunters are mainly used as escorts during the White Forest assault.


  • The player has to find environmental and weaponry advantages to avoid losing health and suit energy.
  • If multiple variations are combined in a single larger squad fleeing is largely recommended if possible, also stealth may help.
  • When not visually obstructed the squads may be very difficult to flee in a stealth manner because of the many visuals they have.
  • It's very noticeable during Half-Life: Alyx because of the present Combine commanders.
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