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The Combine Suppressor (also known as the APF or Antibody Protection Force in Combine phraseology) is a heavy weapons soldier classification of the Overwatch unit in Half-Life: Alyx.


HLA CombineSuppressor04

The Suppressor in with idle animation.

The Suppressors are very similar to the Combine Chargers basically having them both be heavily armored, though they do operate in different tactics. The Suppressors use the Pulse Minigun that has a very high fire rate and deals a lot of damage towards enemies. The Suppressors wear a very large flak jacket with the Combine logo on the left side of the chest. Their name comes from their strategy of suppressing the player or other enemies with their gatling gun while other soldiers (mainly the Combine Grunts) try to kill the player/enemies. Just like the Chargers, they're extremely hard to kill and can be a serious threat to an exposed or unready player or enemy. When the Suppressor sees their enemy they will begin to fire their gatling gun and will stop at nothing until they kill their target, they will even stand their ground from a distance to try and kill the player/enemy.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the first-ever released screenshots relating to the Suppressor, his eyepieces on his gas mask were to be blue instead of it being orange, much like the other Combine Units. However, in later related screenshots, his eyepieces were changed to orange, staying that way in the final game.
  • The Combine Suppressor has a similar pose to the cut Half-Life enemy Human Sergeant when idle. Even his shooting animation is similar to Human Sergeants'.
  • The Combine Suppressor is similar in role and design to Heavy from Team Fortress 2, even taking a similar pose both when idle and shooting.



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