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The Combine Synth Elite Soldier[1] is a Synth enemy[1] cut from Half-Life 2. With the Combine Super Soldier (which somehow stems from it), it is the predecessor of the Overwatch Elite,[1] as well as the direct predecessor of the Combine Guard.[2]


The Combine Synth Elite Soldier is probably a descendant of the "mech" featured in the Weather Control story fragment. The "Combine Elite" is mentioned in the Alyx story fragment; possibly being this unit, although the Combine Super Soldier would also fit the description, both being early elite Combine units. It was to be very atheletic just like the Combine Assassin being able to be swift and fast being able to jump from large areas and being able to tank some bullets. It was to also be very stealth like and move quietly.

Raising the Bar features concept art for several versions, most of them sporting a big left arm (generally sporting a weapon) and a thinner right one. Some aspects in these concepts also bear similarities with the Hunter, especially its legs.

Some concepts evolved into the Combine Guard, others into the Combine Super Soldier, to finally end up with the Overwatch Elite.[1]


  • The Concept of an enemy having one abnormally large arm and an abnormally small one was later used for the Charger in Left 4 Dead 2.


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