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The Combine Wall Turret was a stationary pulse sentry weapon used by the Combine. Its only known appearance is in the map " proto_c17combine ". This variation of the turret was cut from Half-Life 2 for unknown reasons.


The Wall Turret is a Combine turret that is built into the wall of certain rooms in Combine buildings or structures. These turrets were to be very unaffected by and have a similar range as the Combine Ceiling Turret. Just like the Ceiling Turret they cannot be removed from their walls.

The turrets, however, were cut during the 2003 era of Half-Life 2 and its model can still be found in the Half-Life 2 Beta files.

It did however appear in one known map known as proto_c17combine where it was hanging on a wall with some old posters right by a Combine Smart Barrier on the right. The turret, however, does not feature any animations or AI rather its just a model. It's rumored that it was to behave similarly to the Ceiling Turret.

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