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The Combine Watchtower is a watchtower platform found throughout City 17 and the surrounding areas, usually placed on the sides of defensive structures. It is set up to give Combine units a better view of the surroundings and to offer a good position to shoot from.


The Combine Watchtower is usually manned by a single Metrocop on top. He may fire a flare once a reasonable force of Resistance is spotted, as a signal to call backup. Although most watchtowers are inaccessible by normal citizens, some Resistance members in the game climb up into them using ropes, and drop supply crates found up there down on the streets for the player.

There are several variants of watchtowers located around City 17 and its boundaries. One of the most notable variants is the watchtower located on the surface inside the perimeter of Nova Prospekt which resembles a battle tower or small radio tower, though the outdated construction suggests it is an original Nova Prospekt fixture and intended as a perimeter guard post. Watchtowers are also found along the rim of the compound surrounding the Citadel.

Behind the scenes[]

In the WC mappack, an early brush watchtower is often seen near a Sensor Gate. Most of the time, it has a Metrocop stationed in there. As seen in "combine_gallery_002.vmf", the cabin can be lowered to the ground for the officer to get into it. It can be found in Depot, Combine Factories and City 17 Trainstation maps.




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