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This article is about the early mechanical Scanner. For its successor, see City Scanner.
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Half-Life 2 Beta - Combot Sounds

Half-Life 2 Beta - Combot Sounds

The Combot[1][2] is the direct predecessor to the City Scanner.


  • Mostly the City Scanner with a different skin, it is the first known mechanical Scanner to have been scripted. The other differences with the City Scanner is that it throws deadly gas[2] and fire from the small ergots on its two sides[1] as a defense, has slightly different sounds and its tail appears shorter than the City Scanner. It is featured in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta and can be found at the very start of the maps "d1_trainstation_01" (where several are seen in various places) and "devtest" (on the Borealis).[2]
  • The mechanical Scanner design was initially modeled after the shape and movement of a piranha.[1]
  • 11 sound files found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta files indicate that the mechanical Scanner was to talk directly to people via prerecorded messages. Spoken by a robotic female voice, they include sentences such as "Citizen, do not move", "You may proceed", "Hold still for scan", "Hands on your head" or "Violation has been noted".[3]
  • Other sounds found in the very Combot folder also indicate it was to charge itself, possibly at undefined Combine charging stations.[3]
  • Combots would not break into pieces when destroyed, they would have simply fallen and not able to be picked up.
  • Several Combots appear in the Half-Life 2 E3 2003 Trailer (set in the map "e3_terminal") as well as in the E3 2003 video "Kleiner's Lab" (set in the map "e3_lab"), where two discover the lab, and a destroyed one is lying on a desk (replaced in the final game by a destroyed Manhack).
  • The Combot appears in most of the oldest City 17 maps from the WC mappack.[4]
  • Dog originally had a scrapped Combot for a head, which was changed to a City Scanner when the latter succeeded to the Combot.[3]


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