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This subject is from the Black Mesa Incident era.
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The Construction Worker (also known as Construction) is a unused Black Mesa worker that can be found in Half-Life's game files.


In Half-Life the Construction Worker was to work as a preservation worker in Black Mesa as there is a animation of him on all fours inspecting the ground. On the backside of the Construction worker was a computer like device with a couple buttons on it, it is unknown what the device on his back was for.

Steve Theodore suggested that the worker appeared in the Black Mesa Transit System ride at the game's beginning. The Construction worker may have been seen in the map Blast Pit (map c1a4) where the worker suspected something wrong with the transit systems tracks as he would then climb on its sidewalk to run from the transit system.


The Construction Worker was to come back in Half-Life 2 but was cut and it was known as the Workers that worked for the Combine.


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