Dark Energy is the final chapter of Half-Life 2. It details the climactic confrontation between Dr. Breen, Gordon Freeman and the leaders of the Resistance.


You begin in the Combine pod you entered in the previous chapter. Watch and listen to the ensuing drama until you are released. Pick up the Grav Gun and follow Alyx. Eventually she will let you through into the Dark Energy Reactor.

You need to be quick. Your advance up the Reactor will trigger Breen to move up with you, but if you are too slow at any one point the game will end. First, run to the right and jump over the small gap between the two platforms. Follow the pathway up and to the left, pass by the rays holding combine energy balls and wait, as a huge moving platform is moving vertically next to you and soon reaches your level. Get on it and kill the soldiers waiting on the above level, and dash to the opposite wall with a very narrow pathway leading right out to the middle of the big hall. Another smaller platform is descending to you which you have to jump to. It will take you up quite a bit and you might end up above Dr Breen. Get off it when it stops, and kill the soldiers rushing out of an energy field gate. To the left of the gate, there's another elevating platform leading up to the top.

You need to destroy the portal opening up, and the only way to do that is to grab the energy balls in the chutes nearby to shoot them right at the bright white light. Beware of the two gunships shooting at you. Use the pillars for cover but focus on the reactor, it is your main priority. Once you hit it the first time, a number of shields will appear. Do not attempt to knock the shields down one at a time; after a while they will reappear. Instead, knock a few down with energy balls to give a clear shot on Breen. Shoot the white light three times to stop Dr. Breen, and finish the game. Congratulations!

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