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The delivery cart is a device used by Black Mesa scientists to deliver material samples (such as Xen crystals) to Sector C's Test Lab C-33/a, where they are analyzed by the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.


  • Samples are held by the cart's pincers, while a scientist must push it to its intended location.


  • The delivery cart is very similar to the modern machines used in supermarkets to push shopping carts back into stores for reuse.
  • If the player pulls the cart out of the spectrometer, one of the teleported Vortigaunts may land on the cart and won't disappear as intended because it is not touching the ground. The Vortigaunt will behave as usual, attacking the unarmed player. Since player's HEV power is low and there are not many structures to hide behind, this instance may be even deadly.


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