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"Imagine a world where Black mesa is 100% more bla- ... ahm .... scottish. Hope you like this video, i put a lot of work and love into it!"

Demo Mesa is a non-canonical Half-Life parody video released and created by Antoine Delak, which is a hybrid of Half-Life with the Team Fortress 2 character Demoman.

Gordon Freeman is a "Gordon Demoman" along with Black Mesa scientists, G-Man, and the Security Guards, and headcrabs are from Alien Swarm rather than Half-Life.


Act I

The first Demoman was too late when the car hit a barricade, and was hit. A transition to the underground there is a Demoman embedded in the earth during transition, both Demoman in the facility screams "MEDIC!!", then the Administrator Demoman seeing Gordon Demoman was too late and finding the computer to find the DeviantArt girl on Gordon Demoman, and it thumbs up then the Admin writes the note too long, and Admin moves Gordon Demoman to the labs with much of alcohol then he drunken and dizzy hits the glasses. The Demo Mesa Scientists (has Jafar's hat, Robbie Rotten hairstyle, Ice Beanie, and one is the hat from 1920's) is seeing the egg is cracked and hatched a Baby Demo cries "Medic!" loudly, and Gordon Demoman seeing Demo Mesa Scientist talking to his bird to drink alcohol, but the bird scared to drink alcohol and the Bird Scientist Demoman try to shoot bird, and also Gordon Demoman seeing the Potato-Helmet Demoman with an alarm clock then he want to die. Laterly, Gordon Demoman is run on second corridor to see the Security Guard Demoman (it possibly to be Demo Calhoun), then the Guard Demoman says he is not wearing a HEV Suit then Gordon Demoman says an F-bomb with middle finger and screams "BROOOO!" so longly with floating, then Gordon Demoman to Guard Demoman to right back and love it.

Act II

The lately Demo Mesa Scientist has a "Bloody Tie!" then there are running Gordon Demoman to grab the bottle to seeing the HEV Suit, Gordon Demoman says that the HEV Suit is a "pretty suit" then the suit disappears when he smashes his bottle on the button, then Gordon Demoman find his HEV Suit with a saying of "Where's my Super Suit?", then Gordon Demoman with Hungover Hero costume talk to Honey Best and Gordon Demoman is try to find his suit and it throws the bottle and says loudly to be quiet . Along there are the Rich Sailor Demoman wearing HEV Suit then Gordon Demoman tries to kill the Sailor Demo and Gordon Demo is equipped a HEV Suit Mark IV along Sailor stripped naked and killed, then says "Whoopty Doo!".


Armored Gordon Demo is run away on the second corridor again and there are Propeller Demo with a bear on the side, the another Demo Mesa Scientists has a Mexican hat, and the others.

Gordon Demo is run on Guard Demo then try to high-five taunt, it grunts and make a taunt same as a teenage girl students says "Brother!" then the Guard Demo has a car key and run to escape Black Mesa and ride the car to the Union City faster to rob the bank, the alarm rings loudly and runs back to Black Mesa with a portal gun enters to the corridor and high five again, there are the another Demo Mesa Scientist has a passport so self-awareness, then Gordon Demo punches Guard Demo and he runs on the third corridor there are someone turns himself into a pickle and seen by another scientists.

Act IV

Gordon Demo at the laser corridor and seeing the reflecting prism to make a rainbow and the yet another Demo Mesa scientist listening to "Money!" by PinkFloyd and Gordon Demo says "Oh, thats GAY!" to the rainbow and it's crazy, then in the test chamber control room has a cannon, a Pokemon card, and Gordon Demoman was enters the cascade room to says the Xen Crystal is "Shiny!" then it is berry pure to push into cart, but the Gordon Demoman was launched by cannon to the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to test the crystal sample "GG-3883" then it fails and cries under despair, and it thumbs up and causing the Resonance Cascade to make all the video game enemies comes to life and it explodes and move everything to the Nether.

Act V

Gordon Demo was confused we're in the Nether then there is a D-Man (which is a Demoman version of G-Man) and it slaps with a briefcase, then Gordon Demoman was back again to the Black Mesa but it has ruined by a Resonance Cascade and this is a "Demo Mesa Incident" and looking there are all Demo Mesa scientists extinct (most of them are still alive), Security Guard Demomans one died and others still alive, along the Administrator Demoman was a Parasite on his head, and whatever Gordon Demoman does will continue the story.


  • The Incredibles - Gordon Demoman lost a HEV Suit then he talks with "Where's my super suit?!" catchphrase and it is a reference to The Incredibles during the final battle against Omnidroid 10, but Honey Best appears offscreen but the characters on screen is all of the Demoman.
  • Rick and Morty - One of the Demoman turns into a pickle and referencing "Pickle Rick" and it is a popular viral meme.
  • PinkFloyd - The Rainbow Prism is reference to "Dark Side of the Moon" as well as Demoman listens to "Money but it's Demoman".
  • Alien Swarm - Parasite can be seen at the face of Administrator Demoman.