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The Door Tower, or Guard Tower, depending on its use, is a Combine device cut from Half-Life 2.[1][2]


Cremator 039 2booth9

Door Towers in "cremator_039.vmf", with fixed textures.

  • It was to be a cabin used by Metrocops to open Combine Barricade doors or simply serve as watchtowers, often containing a Health Charger, ammunition and lit by a neon lamp. It is always attached to a wall or a roof with its arm, hanging at a few meters from the ground. Door Towers have catwalks around them and can be accessed by a ladder, while Guard Towers are moved to the ground by their arm to allow the Metrocop to get inside. Inside the Door Towers can be found a valve used by the stationed officer to open the nearby Combine Barricade door.[2]
  • These towers can only be found as brushes in several WC mappack maps ("cremator_039.vmf", "c17_01_15.vmf" or "combine_gallery_002.vmf", where the mechanism is more complete). Therefore, while "door tower" and "guard tower" come from its several associated scripted sequences or entities, its proper name is unknown.[2]
  • The Guard Tower was cut in favor of the Combine Watchtower, while the Door Tower was made useless when most of the first City 17 Barricade doors met by Gordon at the start of Half-Life 2 are never opened.


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