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Doug Lombardi is director of marketing at Valve, for which he helps manage and coordinate third-party relations, marketing, and press activities.[1]


Lombardi is also a musician. With Chris Jensen, he created the band / duet RB Productions, an experimental project delving in electronic / ambient music, in the San Francisco Bay Area around 1985. In this duet, Jensen is in charge of lead keyboards, acoustic piano, sound effects, sampling and rhythm devices. Lombardi is in charge of lead vocals, plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and he also programs the drum machine. Lombardi's style was influenced by The Beatles, David Bowie, James Brown, and Ian Hunter.[2]

On Valve's official website, his function is described as follows: "After years in the music industry, Doug decided to get a real job. Then he came to his senses and made the decision to get into the gaming industry instead. During his time in gaming, he has worked on the launch of websites, magazines, and games. As VP of Marketing at Valve, he helps manage and coordinate third-party relations, marketing and press activities."[1]


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