Duncan and Scooter are two citizens that appear in Half-Life 2: Episode Four. They were the only known minor characters in the cancelled game.


The player was to crash into a warehouse in Gondola. As he crashed both Duncan and Scooter cared and healed the player. As the player woke up they'd meet both Duncan and Scooter. While the player goes to look around either Duncan or Scooter (probably Duncan) goes to look at a broken valve as he removes it as he was to tell the player to find another one. After the player finds another valve in a closet area they'd cheer at the player after they start turning it which turns on the power. As both the player and the citizen go up the door upstairs the citizen was to press the button which only opened the bottom of the steel door. This is when he would probably have thanked player. The player would then kneel and go through to help the Rebels fighting in the streets,


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