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"I smell smoke! And where there's smoke, there's fire!"
―Dwight T. Barnes[src]

Senior Drill Instructor Dwight T. Barnes is a Marine Drill Instructor stationed in Santego Military Base, Arizona. He trained some if not all the men in the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, including Adrian Shephard.


"Rise and shine ladies! My name is senior drill instructor Dwight T. Barnes. The first and last word I wanna hear out of your stinking holes is 'Sir!' Do I make myself clear?!"

"What is your major malfunction, dirt bag?"

"Texas? Holy Cow! You know what comes from Texas, don't you?!"

"I will smoke you like a Cuban cigar!"


  • If the player shoots Barnes with the Sniper Rifle during training, the screen will fade to black and say "SUBJECT: ADRIAN SHEPARD" and "STATUS: AWAITING COURT MARTIAL."
  • During the game, HECU soldiers sometimes say "If only Drill Instructor Barnes could see me now..."
  • Barnes is likely inspired by Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from the film Full Metal Jacket. This is evidenced by his interactions with the recruits and his lines. For example, if the player attempts to interact with Barnes, he may say "What is your major malfunction, dirtbag?"

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