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Dynamite is an environmental trap consisting of bricks of remote detonated explosives used around the Black Mesa Facility for industrial and defensive purposes by the HECU, being used to force access to unreachable areas of the base, or as an effective alternative to stopping Gordon in his tracks. Dynamite has two formats, the first one being a trap, detonated either by tripwire or correographed detonation, in which it must be avoided by means of a puzzle of fast thinking, and the second style being as a means of advancement in which an exit must be blown open to move onto the next portion of the level, proving either way as an important part of storyline and the game itself.


Dynamite only appears in the first Half-Life and its expansions as either a manueverable trap or as a means of advancing onto the next part of the level, appearing 6 times throughout the games.

  • In Uplink, dynamite is used by the HECU to blow up the locked door leading to Sector F's Transmitter Dome.
  • Another appearance of dynamite in Opposing Force is a small charge of approximately 5 sticks sitting next to a dead soldier and scientist in a broken X-ray tunnel in Sector E.
  • In Blue Shift, HECU Marines attempt to blow up a door in the coolant generator area under Section A-17 Prototype Labs in the chapter Power Struggle, but the wire is broken. Barney Calhoun re-establishes the link with a barrel, triggering the explosion and destroying the door.


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