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The Employee Daycare Center is a small location located in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, between the Turret Manufacturing and the Neurotoxin Generator.


The Employee Daycare Center can be briefly visited in Chapter 5: The Escape. Little information is given about it in Portal 2, but it appears to have been where the children of Aperture employees were sent during "Bring your Daughter to Work Day". There are many small desks with office chairs facing a projection screen with the current Aperture Science logo, as well as filing cabinets at the back of the room. Science projects about potato batteries and a baking soda or vinegar volcano are also in the Daycare Center. There is a banner that says Aperture Science Bring your Daughter to Work Day hanging up as well.


  • There is an overgrown potato battery experiment near the end. The name of the daughter who made it is "Chell", who is the main protagonist of Portal and Portal 2.
  • The desks and chairs used in the meeting room are the same that are used in Test Shaft 09 except the ones in Test Shaft 09 have typewriters on them.
  • Out of all the experiments from the science fair, Heather's is the only one that doesn't involve potatoes.



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