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The Female Scientist is a female Black Mesa scientist variant that was cut from the Half-Life Alpha. Her textures can be found in the Half-Life: Source files.


She was to originally appear in Half-Life Alpha but doesn't however appear in the beta's files. She was to originally appear in the Communications Center (also known as the X Lab) chapter as she was to act as the labs head scientist. Originally she was to give the player a quest of aligning a satellite located elsewhere in Black Mesa for her. When the player returned the player would find out about her rationale cause as it was found out she had betrayed the player by calling in the HECU to kill the player. However, Valve didn't have the correct way of scripting and modelling the scene at the time they wanted it to work so the team decided to scrap this idea early on during development. However, in Half-Life: Source in the texture files named " f_science " her textures can be found.

On December 23, 2006 Marc Laidlaw gave a interview with Computer and Video Games as he explained the reason the Female Scientist was cut was because the team couldn't do that concept in Half-Life because the team knew it wouldn't work because player wouldn't have gotten to know the Female Scientist enough to trust her. Instead the idea was reused for Judith Mossman in Half-Life 2.

"The whole relationship with Dr. Mossman in Half-Life 2 was a scene that we tried to do in Half-Life. We'd done a whole bunch of stuff for this scene where there was a betrayal by a woman scientist; at that point in the story Freeman was being hunted and you think that the scientists are all your friends, so this scientist says she's going to get you help and tells you to stay in the room you're in - and then she calls the guards. We couldn't do that in Half-Life - we didn't really have characters on that level - so it was cool in HL2 when we had characters who were far enough along. "
Marc Laidlaw


Her model was to look scared/frightened as she was to possibly be found after the Resonance Cascade. She was to have her own lab coat which was to be green and white. On the back it saying " X Lab " a cut Half-Life location. She was to also wear white gym shoes too, She was to have long black hair and her eyes were to be black. When her files are fixed all that remains is a A pose as she has no animations other than a idle animation of her standing still.


Eventually the idea of the Female Scientist betraying the player was later reused for Helena Mossman and Judith Mossman which worked better than the scrapped idea.


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