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The Field Bridge is a Combine force field bridge that is used as an alternative to physical bridges inside the Citadel.


Field bridges are used extensively within the Citadel, where they are more practical to navigate with inside the structure's spacious interior than building physical bridges. They function similarly to the Combine's Force Field when activated. Instead of a barrier, the tangible field is used as a bridge between two points. Field bridges are generated by two projectors next to each other which project a beam of energy. On the opposite end, two receivers are usually stationed directly opposite the projectors to receive the stream of energy, although as seen in the Citadel's core, field bridges can still work without a receiver on the other end. The two beams then generate a field between them when activated which can be safely walked upon to cross to the other side. Unlike the Force Field, field bridges are indiscriminate and will allow anyone to walk across them regardless of their affliation to the Combine.

A generator is typically located below the projector powered by a Dark Energy Ball which in turn supplies the energy needed to project the beam. A field bridge can only be generated if both beams are projected. If the Energy Ball in one generator is somehow removed or destroyed, the bridge will not form. Because the bridge is powered by and made of Dark Energy, touching or falling on the beams will result in immediate disintegration. The field itself is safe to interact with.


  • The Field Bridge shares similarities with Aperture Science's Hard Light Bridge.
  • Stalkers can be seen in the Citadel Core during Episode One guarding the generators which facilitate the field bridges. They will destroy any Energy Ball succesfully planted within a generator.
  • NPCs are able to stand on the bridge while corpses cannot, so if an NPC is killed while on the bridge it will fall out through the bridge.


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