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The Field Bridge is Combine force field acting as a means of reaching otherwise inaccessible areas that are used inside the Citadel.


  • Field bridges can only be activated if two power generators within the immediate vicinity are started. It is seen within the Citadel's core that field bridges can be bisected, and each half can rotate without the need for extra machinery at the new, broken end, to move into a specific position. The generators powering these bridges can only be activated by the Combine Energy Balls taken from the power streams found in the Citadel.

Forcefield bridges are prevalent in the Citadel Core in Half-Life 2: Episode One, where Gordon Freeman must reactivate several deactivated ones to proceed. Stalkers can use their laser to destroy the energy orbs powering bridge generators, and use this ability to hinder Gordon's progress.

When a Combine soldier is killed while on the bridge, his corpse will simply fall trough the bridge, thus vaporizing the corpse. Grenades thrown by Combine soldiers are also subject to vaporize as well.



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