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Puzzle Maker / PTI14:43, June 1, 2015Deckard8t88
Edificatory lifeswivel story told through game by VALVers20:14, May 29, 2015Deckard8t88
Am I the first to see this?12:57, April 21, 2015A-06
Why people are so bothered about this?21:18, October 19, 2014178.140.162.179
How Gordon does carry all his weapons ?17:42, October 4, 2014Thel Vadam4321
Half life 2 episode 3 maps in garrysmod09:17, August 8, 2014SeNNoX
7 Hours 'Till Death- Roleplay00:06, July 27, 2014Tlhrek2011
How to spawn zombies/headcrabs in portal 212:19, March 26, 2014Yong feng
The HeadCrab19:21, February 19, 201467.207.36.51
Aperture and the Combine19:27, January 25, 2014157.157.39.154
Collectibles15:20, December 26, 2013Andrewshore
Ditto02:38, December 3, 2013Adapool
Creepy Cave Johnson quote21:44, November 16, 2013TheAssassinationProclamation
Goodbye my only friend12:20, October 28, 2013Didday
Daughter of Cave and Caroline?17:16, September 8, 2013Shorty1982
What xen could be00:22, September 4, 201376.164.53.189
No more Sector W!04:46, July 29, 2013TheAssassinationProclamation
Combine Overwiki09:16, July 9, 2013Adapool
Cut,UIdentified "car"?14:21, June 23, 2013Yong feng
Usermade Music Video for Want You Gone20:40, June 20, 2013WikiaBot
Reverting back to the Half Life Wiki20:24, May 29, 2013KATANAGOD
AS 1983 Calendar17:51, May 9, 2013PrezesOi
G Man theories12:08, February 24, 2013Adapool
New wiki name10:41, January 28, 2013Deckard8t88
HL3 and the Wiki11:47, January 20, 2013Deckard8t88
Cave=Ratman?14:41, December 29, 201283.84.194.142
Aperture Labs' structure15:36, November 22, 2012NavikInd
Aperture Timeline Retcon Most are Missing19:21, November 16, 2012NavikInd
Atlas and P-Body18:25, November 16, 2012NavikInd
New "Official" Cube found in a Portal 2 Educational walkthrough15:50, November 11, 2012Orahi-Wii
HL2 Questions03:22, October 17, 2012KATANAGOD
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Reference18:40, October 15, 2012193.190.253.149
Split Timeline theory20:58, September 20, 2012Reznov115
Achievement system?22:13, August 30, 2012KATANAGOD
Talk page or Message wall?11:20, August 12, 2012KATANAGOD
Final theories on The G-Man06:38, June 20, 201269.243.47.212
What to do with Galleries20:52, June 15, 2012KATANAGOD
Disputing timelines Aperture Science02:18, June 11, 201272.53.69.178
Doom MODs with HL references.18:57, May 17, 2012KATANAGOD
New Portal 2 Easter Egg?17:58, May 16, 2012M D N S
Is "Half Life 1: Black Operation" possible?13:34, May 9, 2012Greg1813
Article Formatting/ Wiki Clean up03:12, April 17, 2012KillFeedz OG
Wiki Policies02:47, April 13, 2012KATANAGOD
Has anyone considered that Gordon Freeman might be...15:45, April 10, 2012KillFeedz OG
Lego Half-Life Adaptation !!05:21, February 27, 2012118.93.108.18
Bring Beta Back HL215:07, February 23, 2012RyZ89
Resistance categories01:34, January 27, 2012LeechHax
Where can i find pictures of the claw from portal?01:33, January 27, 2012LeechHax
Just some Half-Life 3 news to share with you.02:48, January 23, 2012LeechHax
Cut weapons12:29, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Featured articles12:29, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Panels12:29, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Standardizing infoboxes and other stuff12:29, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Styleguide plz?12:29, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Wiki Name?12:28, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Beta Project12:24, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Monaco skin12:24, January 4, 2012Dr. Ball, M.D.
Portal 2 timeline help12:52, December 5, 2011220.238.110.230
So ive been thinking16:41, November 14, 201166.96.16.32
Can Anyone help to clean things that I have created the Mod page.20:32, October 17, 2011Fijure
Are gargantuas sentient01:00, October 12, 201170.36.177.121
The First time Login into Fan make Wiki Site06:02, October 11, 2011Stoudemire18
Alyx's reaction to Zombies and Stalkers23:09, October 6, 201170.36.177.121
Chell IS Cave's daughter04:15, September 21, 2011SajuukKhar
Gman's Purpose12:52, August 22, 2011MerchantofDeath
Impossible spaces07:51, August 22, 2011SiPlus
Extremely hard ammo to get14:38, August 21, 2011SiPlus
Need help with a cheat23:03, August 18, 2011PoisonHeadcrabperson
The role of Advisors within Combine03:57, August 18, 2011SpazzyMcGee
Black Mesa can kiss my bankrupt...12:39, August 3, 2011Leif Flynn
From Human to Core12:29, August 3, 2011Leif Flynn
What does Vale got against Administrators?19:57, July 31, 2011Michael.delvey
What Playing Decay Taught Me About Half-Life.23:51, July 30, 2011Michael.delvey
Who gman is working for and why03:07, July 19, 201169.122.125.72
Was Cave made into Wheatly?22:54, July 5, 2011PoisonHeadcrabperson
The Opposing Force plot makes absolutely no sense to me...06:45, June 29, 2011SajuukKhar
Test Shaft 9 sealed off in 1991, perhaps?20:02, June 22, 2011Alexcranson
Aren't d3 citadel 02 and ep1 citadel 02 the same map?18:22, June 19, 2011Luisfox37
Turning Caroline into GLaDOS02:51, June 13, 2011SajuukKhar
Possible Location of the Aperature Science Enrichment Center.09:55, June 12, 2011SiPlus
Broken images?04:36, June 11, 2011SiPlus
CAN WE GOT THIS SORTED OUT PLEASE07:50, June 4, 2011TenFootNapoleon
EP3 Wishes17:02, June 2, 201189.196.47.74
The Core is a Lie?21:42, May 31, 2011Cyrus Arc
Unofficial/Official Information11:24, May 28, 2011SajuukKhar
Institutions in the HLU?21:46, May 24, 2011Drake3011
Portal 2: Who is the voice/A.I. active before GLaDOS is reactivated?11:25, May 22, 2011Wrathandpride
Can fast headcrabs and poison headcrabs be domesticated?22:43, May 20, 201197.88.219.100
How long 'till I can edit a semi-protected page?05:04, May 14, 201165.96.2.154
Can someone screen-capture the Useless Blueprints V-237?22:48, May 13, 2011Alexcranson
First Aperture tests took place in the 60's, not 50's06:19, May 7, 2011SiPlus
Half-Life Series Mass Runthrough for Episode 300:45, May 7, 2011Alexcranson
New Sidebar Element Being Tested19:40, May 4, 2011TimmyQuivy
How The Thermal Discouragement Beams work00:17, May 2, 2011Klow
Spoiler:chell's parent at aperture is her dad?11:44, May 1, 2011SajuukKhar
Incindiary Lemons and GLaDOS's Taste for Revenge18:36, April 30, 2011Kilopoise
Chell's origins12:21, April 29, 2011SajuukKhar
A Headcrab in Portal 2?02:17, April 29, 2011DuctJackson
Test Shaft 09 Investigation01:38, April 27, 2011Trunk slamchest
Chell page portrait22:32, April 26, 2011Ovolollo80
I think I know why the G-Man nuked Black Mesa22:42, April 25, 2011Alexcranson
Portal 2 chars11:52, April 25, 2011Klow
Industrial Espionage and the Two Competing Facilities05:37, April 25, 2011Alexcranson
Vortigaunt Anatomy22:18, April 16, 2011Captain tweed
Chell being mute16:23, April 10, 2011Klow
Spoiler Tags23:20, March 28, 2011Sorryaboutthatchief
Dodging the train23:16, March 28, 2011Sorryaboutthatchief
Suppression Fields17:31, March 7, 2011Kovacslorand6
Help page on translation11:11, March 5, 2011SiPlus
PlanetPhillip quiz team09:15, February 26, 2011Edje123
Black Mesa - no more?17:56, February 5, 2011Bramblepath
Mapsheets13:34, January 18, 2011CakeMaster7
Initial Encounter15:35, January 13, 2011Silikone
The One Free Bullet22:03, January 10, 2011Mikerakhabit
Rebel Health07:22, January 10, 2011Mikerakhabit
Plural for combine19:22, January 7, 2011Gmodfan11
Levels category?17:50, December 28, 2010Bramblepath
Sweet Half-Life & Deliverance17:56, December 18, 2010Zenoseiya
I am confused about lamarr03:41, December 2, 2010CakeMaster7
Zero-point energy (vacuum energy) versus dark energy08:25, November 15, 2010Agent1022
YabbaMyIcing is repeatedly defacing my edits20:21, October 24, 2010Klow
Zombie victims aware? I think we need to decide02:28, October 20, 2010WardenWolf
Annabelle is a Model 189211:07, October 14, 2010WardenWolf
The Borealis' secret05:48, September 22, 2010110.32.125.37
CMB and its true meaning...?19:55, September 11, 2010CakeMaster7
Name of Machines and Synths?14:45, July 31, 2010Jorre22225
Portal 2 Vids05:40, July 28, 2010CakeMaster7
Ellen McLain05:38, July 28, 2010CakeMaster7
Logo08:08, July 21, 2010CakeMaster7
Fake Episode Three Borealis Demo?18:49, July 20, 2010Klow
A couple of style suggestions08:35, July 19, 2010Klow
Half-Life ARG00:34, July 12, 2010Ext-
Stuff from the Planet Half-Life wiki, written by me19:35, June 23, 2010DØG
Real? Or as the Newell says: FAKE?17:03, June 22, 2010Klow
Overwatch Question17:03, June 22, 2010Klow
March Mayhem21:16, June 18, 2010Klow
Take your blatant advertising elsewhere21:15, June 18, 2010Klow
Half Life 2 annoyance21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
Notability of the Beta stuff21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
A lightbulb just clicked on21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
G man is Gordon?21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
Aperture Science CEO?21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
Walkthroughs21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
Half-Life 2 original journey21:11, June 18, 2010Klow
Race X21:10, June 18, 2010Klow
Anyone intrested in Half-Life, Portal, and TF fanon wiki?21:10, June 18, 2010Klow
Steam group21:10, June 18, 2010Klow
Beta story line, some suggestions21:10, June 18, 2010Klow
Standardizing images21:10, June 18, 2010Klow
New design21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Arctic Outpost21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Black Mesa Scientist21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Portal Storms21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
First Half-Life Experience21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Escape From City 17 - Part One21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
FALSE proven theories21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Garry's Mod21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
The AR3: What if?21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Chell a possible Prisoner?21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
G-man's own show?21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Canal Skulls21:09, June 18, 2010Klow
Possible hint at phone number in episode 2?21:08, June 18, 2010Klow
Rock Tree21:08, June 18, 2010Klow
Long jump21:08, June 18, 2010Klow
A different guess on WHAT the G-man is..21:08, June 18, 2010Klow
Failure to Preserve Critical Personal21:08, June 18, 2010Klow
Why don't we add a Standard Calendar21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Military conflicts21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Article about online videos?21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Half-Life ² Beta?21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Just Wondering...21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
About "take-a-wish" foundation21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Make pages editable only by Registered Users21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Formatting21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Where are screenshots saved?21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Obsidian Conflict21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Don't know how to delete my user account....21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
Drop-down menus on the wiki21:07, June 18, 2010Klow
The Nihilanth21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Leadership issues21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Voice actor for Dr. Rosenberg?21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Whoah, Whoah, Whoah!21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
We have a problem21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Template: Information21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
About the game chapters21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Articles of ambiguous canonicity21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Achievements21:06, June 18, 2010Klow
Opposition or Blue Decay?21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
Warrior21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
Please Help!!!21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
The resemblance probably doesn't mean anything21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
Facebook21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
No battles pages?21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
Congrats21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
You all just discovered girls or something!?21:05, June 18, 2010Klow
Valve game wikis21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch npc sounds21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Half life uplink film21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Relation between Aperture Aperture Science and the Xen?21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Spoilers in infoboxes21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Valve needs to speed up21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Gravity Gun Portal Gun Fight and the answer to Chell's background21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Race Consistency21:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Nuclear weapons and HL221:04, June 18, 2010Klow
Combine Hunters may be modified Vortigaunts!20:59, June 18, 2010Klow
An Episode 3 Theory Video20:52, June 18, 2010Klow
Combine do not use enough human technology20:52, June 18, 2010Klow
Xen flora20:52, June 18, 2010Klow
"Life Weaving"?20:52, June 18, 2010Klow
Half-Life Manuals20:51, June 18, 2010Klow
Portal Teaser Theory20:51, June 18, 2010Klow
New skin?20:51, June 18, 2010Klow
HEV Suit reference20:51, June 18, 2010Klow
Quotes20:51, June 18, 2010Klow
Background image?20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Any suggestions?20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Wiki Logo20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Unable to upload images20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Redirect to here?20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Are the current administrators still around?20:49, June 18, 2010Klow
Cleaning administrative house20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
In-universe style or strategy guide style?20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Is it just me or...20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Overwatch squad names20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Idea - Recent talk changes?20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Gmod help!20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
New infoboxes20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Miller?20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Transcript20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Episode 2 article info20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Chell a possible prisoner?20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Gaming wiki chat this Sunday!20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
Half-Life Groups20:48, June 18, 2010Klow
HLification?20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Test20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Gordon Freeman Theory20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Stuff20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Battle articles20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Who, or what, is Eli Vance?20:47, June 18, 2010Klow
Mr. Friendly's sexual innuendo20:45, June 18, 2010Klow
Weapons category is in desperate need of a cleanup20:44, June 18, 2010Klow
Gordon Has No Helmet20:44, June 18, 2010Klow
Gordon Freeman better than Master Chief? Yes or no?20:44, June 18, 2010Klow
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