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This is your evil twin, former staff writer for Planet Half-Life. (I say former - I never technically quit, I just haven't written anything in ages!)

I was the guy that set up the Planet Half-Life wiki and wrote some of its first entries - stuff on Dark Energy, Xen Crystals, the tau cannon, gluon gun, displacer, the Black Mesa Incident, and a bunch of other things. The Planet Half-Life wiki has been pretty dead for a while, so I was surprised and delighted to discover this Combine Overwiki which appears to be exactly what I was intending ot create when I came up with the Planet Half-Life wiki.

Out of curiosity I tried searching for a few things I had written entries on, to see what Combine Overwiki had to say about them. I was astonished to find that a number of articles have had their text and images simply copy-pasted from the Planet Half-Life wiki! Take a look at the Dark Energy entry , or the Displacer entry, they are the same as what I wrote on the Planet Half-Life wiki.

I don't actually mind - to be honest, I find it flattering. It's not like the Planet Half-Life wiki articles had "written by your evil twin" in big letters on it, it isn't a question of wanting author recognition. And since the PHL Wiki was also contributed to by the public, not just PHL Staff, I doubt stuff on the PHL wiki can be copyrighted. But I think perhaps there should be something indicating that some articles here came from the Planet Half-Life wiki. The front page mentions that some stuff comes wikipedia, but no mention is made of the PHL wiki.

Your evil twin 16:33, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

Damn, you're spot on about Dark energy and Displacer, they're just blatant copy and paste articles... *sigh* Sorry about that. If you give me a list of articles that are copy/paste duplications, I'll tag them with a special "hey, the original author here was a lazy ass who swiped it from the Planet Half-Life wiki" template (though I might rephrase it just a bit). EVula // talk // // 16:49, 27 February 2008 (UTC)
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