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BMS Xen concept


I made this page so people could write what they think xen would look like. I posted stuff on the xen page but people took it off so on this page we could discuss it.

What I think

  • It xen would look like a some sort of a gas giant/rocky type world that since this is a border world I believe its asteroids is taken by gravitational force from the larger astrioids yet Gordon and the other scientists don't feel the pull and since its not a planet I think its in a whole different type of universe where physics is applied in another way and the fact there's oxygen on xen I think there's many other gases and many more yet discovered and in this border universe it could be that you Chanel out the other air and the water there has many other organic material and organisms in it or its just another type of water. this is just a theory and with this world it could be all true if xen was real. if it were I would say that all the gas and asteroids expands extremely large span that cant be traveled faster than the speed of light and yet you would die before you reach the other ends and since the aliens escaping the combine get to xen by organic teleport from xen crystals. and scince there was no life there before some aliens retreated here I would say they came when xen was developing life. there has been no half-life game proving this but I believe if this were all true xen black mesa and the combine, I'd say its probably the truth.

what you think

Who made this concept art ? Looks cool ! - Hecu222

I think zen would be like the desert, it would be super dusty and hot. It would kind of "float". By that i mean it would sway when a lot of the Alien grunts went to one side. What do you think?

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