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I noticed some people just can't shut up about sexual innuendos in Half-Life and Portal series etc. Seriously, I agree that it was indeed very surprising and weird that Ted Backman had inspiration from Giger with that grotesque sexual innuendo stuff and that info about brother of Birdwell's friend and Gabe's approval of idea about Mr. Friendly (Though considering his animations and how his model looks like, I dont think they REALLY wanted to include rape and indeed make monster very sexually-themed) are pretty surprising and interesting too, but anyway, IMHO its all getting redicilous.

First, some people are starting to see sexual stuff in every monster in Half-Life 1/2, then some people are saying that GLaDOS from first Portal represents bondaged female which refers to BDSM stuff and that considering one audio file from Portal 2 - Cave raped Caroline (though if you played Portal 2 or lurked in the plot, you know what is she really being forced into), and I even once saw when one guy said that microwave explosion in first Half-Life are representing huge ejaculation, and worst of all, some people are even pushing down the throats of others this things as a fact, like its not some kind of their opinions and speculations.

Like, okay, I understand that speculations especially after all that info can be interesting, but come on! It doesnt mean that right now every monster in HL1 and 2 and GLaDOS from Portal 1 are sexually themed! When I played Half-Life, monsters indeed looked pretty creepy (mostly zombies), weird and cool, but I havent found any sexual innuendos or noticed any representations of sexual organs in them (well, except Gonarch, personally for me its the only one sexual innuendo monster in the game, but its just my opinion. And I must admit that Mr. Friendly indeed reminded me of a penis a little bit). Plus I watched Ted Backman's concepts (well I havent seen the sexual ones though, maybe for the best, lol) and I havent found anything sexual either (except Gonarch and that concept of Hopper monster for Half-Life 2).

I mean, people really need to see a difference between their opinions/speculations and facts. Just because you see a cock, pussy and other stuff like that somewhere, doesnt mean it IS there. No need to turn opinion and speculation in fact. I remember one funny thing, when once upon a time on one forum one guy was arguing with everyone and posting as a fact that GLaDOS is represting a bondaged female and saying that her pose are an evidence, while actually her pose was based from Birth Of Venus picture.

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